How To Make Your Dick Look Bigger

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In the hookup world, men tend to categorize dick size as some sort of sex gold. In reality, this isn’t correct. It’s been shown over and over that dick size doesn’t really matter.

That said, some girls definitely DO enjoy a bigger dick. And more than that, guys just feel better swinging a more giant stick, even if just for vanity purposes. So the question often arises, can you make your dick look bigger? Or actually, make it bigger?

There are ways to do both. You can sort of make your dick bigger. You can certainly make your dick appear bigger.

Can You Actually Make Your Dick Bigger?

Weirdly, the answer is yes. And no, that doesn’t mean you need to take any of those weird supplements you see advertised on the web. Some of those ads show dick size doubling. Let’s be honest; that’s not a rational nor practical thought. 

The marketing for increasing dick size is insane and somewhat out of control. 

So can you increase your penis size?

Penis Stretching

There is anecdotal evidence that you can stretch your penis, thereby increasing your penis size. Again, there’s not much in the way of scientific evidence, to be clear.

Stretching your penis involves massaging the penis tissues. This supposedly creates tears that heal. There are devices on the market that supposedly can assist you in such endeavors. A 2011 study found that men who wore devices for 9 hours per day for three months increased dick size by an inch. 

To be clear, penis stretching is not for me. Even writing about it feels unsettling. But hey, do your research, talk to your doctor, and you do you. 

Other Ways To Make Your Dick Look Bigger

If you aren’t down with stretching, there are other more logical options for increasing dick size. Or at least, making your dick look bigger. And these don’t involve any trauma.

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The number one way to make your dick look bigger is to shave those pubic hairs. If you are entirely unshaven, then you probably have a mountain of pubic hair that takes away the appearance of dick size. 

When you shave your pubes, your dick magically looks immensely larger. It’s quite amazing how much bigger your dick will look when you pull it out, and the pubic hairs are gone or dramatically trimmed down.

Some might call shaving pubes the creation of a mirage in size, but in reality, the pubes were hiding the base of the dick. So the actual size is better shown when the weeds are trimmed, ya know?

Lose Belly Fat

No one ever wants to hear this penis size increase tip. But it’s true. If you have a big overhanging gut, your dick is sure to appear smaller than it really is. By shedding some belly fat, your dick gets to fly more faithful to its actual size. 

A big belly makes the penis looks smaller because the belly overwhelms the penis’ size. This isn’t groundbreaking news. If you have a big belly and pull down your pants, it’s evident that your abdomen causes your penis to look a bit smaller.

Exercise, eat less processed foods, and drink less alcohol. A few of these small changes can make “big” differences in the appearance of penis size. 

Use a Penis Ring

I know; it sounds unsavory. But not all penis rings are scary. Some are more subtle than others. However, all will do you one major favor: they will increase your penis size using what God’s given you!

A penis ring helps to press your penis more forward, giving you more length and added girth. Penis rings are also helpful for the woman because she feels a harder, longer, thicker incoming penis. 

Penis Enlargement Underwear

Don’t get too excited; penis enlargement underwear merely give the appearance you are packing more junk; they don’t work to increase actual size. 

And furthermore, when you remove the underwear, the benefits of a longer penis cease. 

But hey, if you have on tight pants or walk around in your underwear, you may just excite her. 

Ramp Up That Confidence

Our final tip is to simply be more confident. It’s not what everyone wants to hear, we get it, but it is true. Dick size doesn’t matter as much as you think. In fact, more girls avoid super big dicks than do crave them. So if you have an average, normal dick, you’re in business. 

Be confident with the tool you’ve been blessed with. She’s not thinking about your size nearly as much as you are. So drop the dramas before you drop your drawers and enjoy your Fuckbook time.