Fuckbook Dating In The Age of Delta Variant

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As summer concludes, many of us are feeling the stress of another potentially rough COVID-19 onslaught. But, unfortunately, things haven’t returned to normal as we’d hoped they would. Instead, COVID-19 continues to run wild in communities. And this means restrictions and unease among people.

For adult hookup communities such as Fuckbook, the Delta variant can undoubtedly lend itself to stressful interactions.

How should we act towards potential hookups? Conversely, how should those potential hookups act towards us?

The whole thing feels like a mess, but the reality is, we’re all in this together. And people are still getting laid on Fuckbook all the time.

So don’t fret; maybe consider just embarking on a few adaptations in your hookup style.

What can you do to increase your hookup odds during Delta variant times?

Get The Vaccine

It’s a sensitive subject. If you’ve browsed social media for even a few minutes, you’ve likely experienced the polarizing debates from both sides. Often these debates are heated in nature.

It’s not the place of Fuckbook to give medical advice. That said, statistics far and wide, including that of the CDC, reflect that the vaccinated fair much better following contracting the Delta variant.

So while you can still carry COVID-19 after vaccination, your symptoms should be less potent.

Moreover, a potential hookup may want to know that you are vaccinated. Remember, until you meet in person, you are both strangers in need of a little trust exercise. If you don’t care about your personal safety, should she believe you care about hers?

Consider a Mask – Or, At least Ask

I know this may feel counterintuitive given the ultimate goal is to meet and fuck. But that’s not really the point here.

The point is when you offer to wear a mask to meet a potential hookup, you signal that you’re considerate of the safety of others. Your positivity about safety will help build trust.

Remember, even though you and she have had some fun, energetic banter, you remain strangers. Strangers become friends and friends become fuck buddies by building trust.

Don’t Be Debbie Downer…

Yes, the news is a dismal depressing, 24-7 soap opera. It seems we never catch a break and get a little positive information. The person you’re meeting for a hookup probably watches the same news as you. So there is no need to bring the depressing news to the meet-up.

Believe me, if you start talking or ranting about all this depressing news, she loses the sexy vibe. Try to be positive and talk about happy and fun and sexy things. You don’t want to be “that guy” who spins off on all the depressing news of the day.

Don’t look at social media during the meetup or else your head will most certainly find a contentious, polarizing place. You are meeting her in hopes of finding a level of comfort that leads to hookup sex. You aren’t there to provide her with the bad news of the day.

Dating in the time of COVID-19 certainly comes with several hoops to jump through. But that’s OK; we are all in this together. And we will come out of this together. And hopefully, everyone finds a little fling fun to pass the time.