How To Keep a Fuck Buddy


The fuck buddy experience is a core component of Fuckbook. When you use Fuckbook, you’re in essence looking for a sexy fuck buddy. But too many guys complicate the fuck buddy experience and eventually end up dry.

The fact is, keeping a fuck buddy is super easy if you comply with a few basic rules.

You did all the work to get a new fuck buddy, why not try to keep her coming back for more?

Let’s get down to the matter at hand.

What Is a Fuck Buddy?

This may feel remedial, but stay with me because it’s incredibly important. Keeping a fuckbuddy for the longterm means understanding what a fuck buddy is.

A fuck buddy is a girl (or guy) you have sex with without any strings. Some people call this an NSA (no strings attached) relationship. With a fuck buddy, you don’t date, per se. You don’t meet family, most likely. You fuck. You maybe hug when she leaves, but you don’t go full-sappy.

The benefit to a fuck buddy is that there should be no fighting because this isn’t a relationship. You should not care if she bangs another dude. If you see her profile is active on Fuckbook, you shouldn’t be concerned.

That’s a fuckbuddy. It’s no jealousy fucking.

But why does something seemingly so simple often get complicated?

Here’s what to avoid if you want to keep a fuckbuddy.

Don’t Bother Her About Her Time Away From You

This isn’t a relationship. It’s sex. She isn’t committed to you. Don’t make the mistake of asking her if she’s hooking up with anyone else. Sometimes, guys do this just out of conversation. They aren’t even jealous. Some guys even get off on hearing about her getting fucked with another cock. But she may not understand this. She may feel like she’s being interrogated.

Then, she’ll run.

If you do get off hearing about her other conquests, explain that in specific terms to her. But in the early Fuck buddy days, I suggest you avoid the topic entirely. Allow the fuckbuddy relationship to build.

Prove Your Trustworthy, Discreet

At the foundation of a fuckbuddy relationship is trust. The more she trust you, the more stable your fuckbuddy relationship becomes.

How do you blow fuck buddy trust?

1) You confess that you like her ‘more than just sex.’ Maybe you do this while you’re drunk, or while she’s blowing you. It doesn’t matter, she will then worry that every time you cum on her face, you want to marry her. The more she fucks you, the closer the engagement becomes. That’s how she will view you. Avoid any such talk to prevent this from happening.

2) Tell your bros about her. If you do this and she finds out, she won’t trust you to be discreet anymore. She has reasons for wanting to keep her sex with you private. So keep it private. Don’t’ talk about fucking your fuckbuddy to anyone else.

3) You recommend meeting your family. Come on, if you really want to blow your fuck buddy relationship, tell her you want her to meet your family. Or worse, suggest you meet hers. When you met her on Fuckbook, she wanted a discreet hookup. Now you’re moving things towards dating. That’s a big red flag for her.

Don’t Blow Her Up

I’m not saying you can’t wish her a happy birthday or Merry Christmas, but I am saying you shouldn’t blow her phone up when she’s away from you.

Maybe some sexting if you have both established that as fun. But even with that, keep it limited.

When she’s away and her phone is blowing up from you, no matter what you are saying, it might appear your checking up on her. Or obsessing over her. Or trying to distract her from her normal life.

Fuck buddies must have space or it all falls apart.


You can lose a fuck buddy just as fast as you land one if you don’t follow some basic guidelines. Focus on being discreet, give her space, and don’t message her incessantly. Fuckbuddies are valuable commodities in the dating world, make sure you respect them and they’ll probably stick around for the long haul. So sign up today for a free Fuckbook profile and get your fuckbuddy on.