Meet and Fuck Free, But Understand These Things First

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Yes, adult dating apps create local hookups in the most optimal way possible. It’s easy to meet and fuck girls that live in your area in a discreet manner. But that doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong. While free dating apps like Fuckbook does its best to filter out the crap, we aren’t perfect.

In fact, a lot of the responsibility to get laid drama free is on your shoulders.

But if you follow some basic rules, you’ll get laid with local hookups and encounter little in the way of dramas.


Meet and Fuck Girls Tonight – Best Practices

It only takes a few stupid moves to ruin some free anal sex. That’s why it’s good to keep basic adult dating app best practices in mind while searching for easy sex.

With Local Hookups, Discretion Imperative

Most drama unfolds because one local hookup decided to run their mouth. If you have a conscious and decide that one day, you want to start anew with your husband and wife so you come clean about all the free adult dating app sex you’ve been getting, you will be forever banned by the community.

I don’t mean by Fuckbook, I mean, by other local hookups in your area. You must swear to secrecy. You’re cheating on your husband or wife right now for a reason, just because things change doesn’t mean you should screw the rest of us (pun intended).

You’re taking a vow to hookup secrecy. The moment you pound some cheating pussy, you’re signing to keep your mouth shut using your own cum. That’s right, I just used your dick as a metaphor for a pen. Because, I’m awesome.

But you’re awesome also, so don’t sell out your hookups.

Protect your technology with your life

We do our best to maintain your privacy. But you and your local hookups need to do the same. If you start texting or using Whats App, make damn sure your iPhone is locked and that you frequently practice deleting texts.

Yeah, I know, sometimes it’s nice to jerk off to old sext messages. I get that. But storing old sexting messages creates liability for you and your local hookup.

This also goes for your computer. Don’t leave your Fuckbook login on a post it note. Don’t leave Fuckbook in your browser history.

Secure your technology so that you can fuck girls tonight free and clear of wife dramas.

If you see your local hookup at Starbucks, don’t do this…

There you are, sipping your vanilla cappuccino 5 pump. When suddenly, the local hookup that you came on last night is wearing a corporate blouse and hurriedly ordering a mocha frappuccino. You feel your dick pulse. You graze your erecting cock with your index finger.

So now what?

First, here’s what NOT to do.

Don’t throw an eye her way. She might still be tasting your cum, but that doesn’t mean she wants her whore cover blown. Even though you aren’t saying her name aloud, just making motions towards her will make her lose trust in you. And once trust is gone, you’ll never get jacked off on her big tits again.

Instead, maybe got to the Starbucks stall and rub one out.

Don’t Stalk or Over-romance Your Local Hookup

Most people using Fuckbook want hardcore sex that has no dramas. If they want love and romance and candles and bubble baths, they’ll go home to hubby.

They are meeting you because they want to bend over a table and have a dick thrust into their ass. They want to be spanked and called a whore. They might want to suck your dick while you’re watching porn on your couch.

So don’t start “getting into them.” You’ll break the trust circle (picture De Niro’s eyes). There may be rare occasions where romance fires up, but remember, eventually you will be back where you started. You’ll be craving new local flings again because what’s new will be old someday.

So keep things simple. Meet, fuck, cum, but don’t try to date. You don’t want to be the guy at the strip club that’s perpetually falling in love. It’s a bad look.

Don’t mix social media and free adult dating apps

It’s sad I have to write this, but you’d be surprised.

Never try to friend your local hookup on Facebook. Unless you two reach some sort of agreement, that’s just dirt baggery. Remember, she’s fucking you because you’re communicating over a discreet sex app. After you cum in her mouth, she wants no other connection with you.


Get laid easy on a free adult dating app is a luxury and a privilege. Don’t blow it. Follow basic best practices and you’ll be able to keep this game going forever. Otherwise, you might get blackballed.

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