How To Get Laid on Super Bowl

superbowl sex

The Super Bowl is upon us. You’re planning to eat yourself into a full on stomach aching state of belly drama. And you may even root for the Chiefs or 49ers as well.

But let’s be honest. You’re libido doesn’t take days off just because the world’s biggest sporting event is going down.

Nope. Like any classy Fuckbook member, you’re ready for banging hot single girls at all times.

And the Super Bowl might be prime pickings.

So what do you need to do to get laid on the Super Bowl?

Modify Your Fuckbook Search

Look, we all love the MILFs, the bored married housewives, the jaded girlfriends. But your odds of banging any of those on Super Bowl Sunday drop dramatically. Normally, Fuckbook is a haven for such things. But like Christmas and Thanksgiving, there are times bored married housewives have to pretend to be happy married housewives. And that means not banging you on the sly.

But single girls are more likely to be on the prowl that day. And they aren’t tied down to some dude.

So make sure you adjust your Fuckbook profile search to heavily include local single girls. Remember, many of these girls may still want to attend a Super Bowl party. Others may not. In either case, a day has 24 hours! So make the best of it!

superbowl sex

Break The Ice

I know, it sounds sexist. But it isn’t it. Science has proven that girls love Super Bowl commercials. Actually, it hasn’t proven any such thing, but let’s be honest, it’s the truth.

Many Fuckbook members struggle to find ice breakers (as insane as that is considering this is a get laid hookup site).

The best ice breakers are relevant ones. And nothing is more relevant this week than Super Bowl commercials.

Message some local hotties and ask them what brands they think will bring their best advertising on the game day.

Another great ice breaker is to find out if any of your local singles have a favorite team. Are any of them Kansas City fans? How about San Fran fans?

Pro Tip: Check their profiles for hints. Some girls drop their favorite sports teams in their bios. This will serve to show you pay attention.

Find The Loners

Lots of girls despise sports.

If you can figure out which ones have a jaded perspective on sports, you can cash in on a fun day of fucking while others are watching some blow out game.

Now, in order to figure this out, you must read Fuckbook feeds and look for local hotties that have made anti-sports posts. Then, message them about how you also despise sports (even if you don’t). Once you establish a common ground, you’re as good as in!

Attend a Party

Ok, maybe its one day you’re already sucked into a big party.

That’s fine.

You can still prowl.

Look for girls who are clearly single. If you find some, strike up some convos. Now, you will need to hedge your bet. So here and there, run a Fuckbook profile search and send out some messages. You hedge your bet for getting laid when you do this. If you are able to get a hookup at the party, that’s great. If not, well, you’ve put some feelers out there so hopefully you end up scoring after the big game.

Getting laid on Super Bowl Sunday is definitely more challenging than many other days. But it’s far from impossible. So get your game face on and get ready to score some tail.

You never know, you could end up like this bro watching the second half of the game while getting an incredible blowjob.