Should You Invite Your Fuckbook Hookup To Your Place? Or Motel?

fuckbook hookup home or motel

Motel rooms cost money, but they are primarily considered the better way to go in the hookup world. There are good reasons for this idea, including safety. A motel room, while private, is in a public space. Moreover, giving out your home address is the same as giving out personal information. It comes with risk.

But ah, the joys and comforts of home are tough to beat.

Nice, 5-star hotel experiences are tough to beat. Room service that includes champagne and chocolates.


We love it. The gorgeous view. The freedom to make a mess. The amazing flatscreen TV. A bar and restaurant just a quick elevator ride below. It isn’t easy not to feel a sense of thrill from meeting a Fuckbook hookup in a nice hotel.

But most of the time, you aren’t investing hard-earned cash into a 5-star hotel room for someone you just met. Instead, both of you decide on more economical options in the way of motels. And motels, well, they aren’t that lavish.

A motel room is a basic experience. Usually, there is no restaurant and bar, no enchanting view, and probably no room service. But, for hookup purposes, the motel room works.

The motel room’s claim to hookup fame is that it is private, and it also offers a layer of anonymity and discretion. But, let’s face it, your family and friends don’t hang out at the Days Inn on the edge of town. You don’t have to walk through a crowded lobby where people are having boozy concoctions. Instead, you get your key and walk back outside and find your room. And then, hopefully, the two of you agree to hookup.

But there is no denying that home sweet home is a fun place to hookup. And it also saves cash. This is why a lot of Fuckbook members opt for the home hookup.

But it certainly has downsides.

Many girls are rightfully concerned with safety. On Fuckbook, we preach the idea of hookup safety protocols. Giving out your private address, or going to someone’s personal address, are both ill-advised. This means that when you pitch your house as the option, a red flag may fly.

Bad things can happen at a motel if you aren’t careful, but at least that’s a public space. There are rooms beside yours that can hear sound (pending they are occupied). There is only one way in and one way out. You can tell a friend you went to a motel and tell them if you haven’t contacted them by X time, they should check up on you.

A private residence is likely more secluded, more private, and less easy to find by a friend. Therefore, it presents safety issues, not just for the resident but for both parties.

For the resident, even after the hookup is over, that person always knows where you live. You can’t go back in time and remove that information from their brain.

There’s a lot of associated risks in using your private home for hookups. But it’s tough to deny the advantages of hooking up in your own home. You save money. You probably have a better bed. There are food options.

That said, always play it safe. If someone is pushy about you hooking up at their home, that’s a red flag. It’s better to get to know someone before visiting them at their private residence. Build up trust and then move into less discreet situations. That’s our advice.