Does Your Dick Size Matter To Potential Hookups?

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One of the biggest trends on hookup sites like Fuckbook is men detailing their dick sizes. This typically comes by way of sending dick pics to unsuspecting (or suspecting, depending on your perspective) female profiles.

The dick pic craze can’t be denied its place in popular cyber-hookup culture, but is it effective for gaining a hookup? Is it douchey? Does it only serve to sexually benefit that male sender?

We answer all this and more.

Ah, the rush of sending a hard cock picture to a sexy girl’s profile messenger. On a mainstream dating site, you’re banned for this activity. On a hookup site, it’s a bit more passable but remains somewhat frowned upon. In fact, many girls report to us that the sheer amount of dick pics they receive turn them off. It can cause them to miss legit hookup messages.

So then, why the heck do guys send so many damn dick pics? And do girls like them?

For The Guy, It Gets Him Off…

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The thought of a girl seeing their dick, even in a picture, turns a guy on. It’s an odd fetish, but it’s widespread. A lot of girls think this is a guy sending them a dick pic to highlight their dick size. And this, would, lead to a guy trying to get a hookup.

But the bad news for girls is that most of the time when a dick pic arrives in your inbox, the guy isn’t overly serious about hooking up. He probably got off when he sent it, or will “if” you respond. Even responding angrily may cause him to cum all over his keyboard.

Guys love girls to see their dicks. Guys love to jerk off in front of girls. It’s just the way things are.

This is why dick pics flood sexy girls’ inboxes. And this is also why most dick pics never result in any sort of hookup.

But does this mean girls don’t like dick pics? Do they look at the dick size?

Dick Size Does Matter To Girls, But Not How You Think

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Girls do like dicks. That’s why they are on a hookup site. But there are a lot of things to unwrap when we talk about dick sizes.

Most girls aren’t looking for an enormous pipe. That just seems uncomfortable.  The moment she sees it, you are probably not getting a blowjob, either. At least, not at first. She may handjob you instead.

Girls love to look at nicely shaped dicks.

The problem with most dick pics is that they don’t highlight shape. Instead, the guy goes out of his way to make his dick look bigger than it is.

Girls do like some size, but most of the time, shape is the priority. A dick can be smaller, but shaped nicely, and the girl will dig it.

A girl probably does want to see your dick prior to a random hookup. It turns her own and in some cases, prepares her.

Girls Like Dick Pics That They Ask For

Spamming with dick pics is a fail. But once you get to know here, she may ask for a dick pic. Or, you may ask if you can send a dick pic. Look, this is a hookup site, of course she is curious as to what’s in store for her if she meets you at a motel room.

Sending a dick pic she wants to see is hot. Sending an unrequested, random, strange dick pic gets deleted.

When a girl sees a dick pic prior to a hookup, she has time to consider and digest what’s in store for her. If your dick is overly long, she may need time to become comfortable with the thought of blowing you or you fucking her. It may feel like a challenge or potential conquest to her.

The point being, don’t send random dick pics. Establish communication with a girl first and see how things progress. If things go well, either she will ask for one, or you’ll be a solid position to ask if she’d enjoy seeing one.