How To Get a Woman Wet and Turned On

how to get a woman wet

In the adult hookup dating world, like Fuckbook, understanding how to get a woman wet is essential advice. Let’s be honest, if she’s not wet and horny, you probably aren’t getting very far.

But learning how to get a woman wet isn’t as intuitive as guys think. You can’t just watch hours of porn and think you’re an expert. Most porn isn’t exactly educational in terms of what women want and need in a sexual encounter.

Women are complex beings. With men, we are shallow, primal creatures that see a hot hardbody, get a boner, and want to fuck. It’s just that simple. But women require more when it comes to getting turned on and eventually reaching a climactic orgasm.

Without a natural vaginal lubrication happening, sex is harder, and often, off the table. Some call this vagina lubrication “arousal fluid.” Whatever you call it, it’s imperative and plays a critical role in the sexual experience between man and woman.

When a woman is turned on, her body naturally lubricates her vagina as it expects penetration. So it stands to reason that if a girl’s vagina is dry, she isn’t turned on, and your game is voided.

Just because Fuckbook is an adult hookup site doesn’t mean that girls don’t want pleasure, or are auto-turned on by you. That’s a myth and a myth that leads you down rejection alley.

You need to get a woman wet if you wanna have your own fun. Remember, many men get turned on when they know a woman’s vagina is soaking wet. So the incentive to help her get wet runs deep.

So let’s dive in now.

Ask Her What Makes Her Vagina Wet

This one is the most obvious, but also most underutilized. It’s OK to ask a girl what turns her on and makes her vagina wet. This is the simplest way forward for getting a girl hot and horny.

Just ask her. She may tell you amazing things.

Use Erotica

In traditional dating, we often talk about how communication is the key to getting a girl to dig you. In the adult hookup world, we tend to believe that’s no longer the case.

But that’s not true, at least, completely true.

Women still appreciate talk. Women get turned on by talk. Using erotic talk while you are making out can stimulate a woman and help her vagina get wet.

The problem is, many men aren’t the most eloquent, storytelling, erotica creatures. You can’t just talk about your dick size for five minutes and think she’s getting wet.

Try working on your erotic talk in private. Base it on her, not just general erotica. Be smutty, but not in a shallow way that only talks about your dick size. Talk about how turned on you are by her body, by her mouth as you kiss her, but her legs as you touch them.

Create an erotic environment with your words as much as your hands, mouth, and hard dick.

Go Down on Her

Going down on her can help stimulate her vagina to get wet.

It’s incredible how many men miss this central task in getting a woman wet. They miss it because men tend to get a bit too self-centered. When a man is horny, he begins prioritizing his needs over all other needs. It’s natural, but the guys who get laid the most and the hardest are the ones who understand that sex is a mutual experience.

Stimulate her goods and she’s more likely to stimulate your goods. This is also good blowjob strategy advice.

Use Your Hands (But Don’t Intensely Prod)

You can lightly massage her vagina and softly insert. This can help stimulate arousal fluid. But remember, if she’s dry you don’t want to intensely insert your fingers. That likely won’t feel good for her. So be gentle until you realize some fluid is occurring, at which point, you can speed up your fingering.

Use Your Eyes

Look her deeply in the eyes as you caress her body. You need to show her that you are a man on a mission. If she digs alpha-dudes, eye contact is the key to getting her vagina wet.

When you avoid eye contact, you might seem weak, or worse, detached from her. She wants to know that you are not only in command, but super into her body.

Be a Little Unexpected

Whether you shift your speed, or kiss her in places she doesn’t see coming, you need to be a bit unexpected. This keeps her on her toes and gives her that fluttery feeling deep in her stomach which will help her vagina get wet.

What If She Never Seems To Get Wet Enough?

Everything isn’t your fault. If she’s not getting wet enough, or even wet at all, but still seems super turned on, it may be that her body doesn’t produce enough arousal fluid.

In these cases, you shouldn’t guess that her body has an issue. But more, if you two have the sparks flying and things seem off, maybe ask if you are doing everything right. See if she brings the issue up.

If she has some sort of an issue, you can opt for using lube. This can help resolve the issue for both of you.

Lubricants can help couples bypass any physiological “malfunctions.”

But don’t harp on it. Don’t make her feel bad over the matter. That’s most definitely the wrong direction. Be supportive. If you go down on her, that should help in a natural way as well.

Don’t be cocky and arrogant. Try to help resolve the situation. Figure out what you control. If there are things you can do more of to help her naturally lubricate her vagina, explore those options.