How To Manage Open Relationships

open relationships

There’s a prevailing myth that lurks around Fuckbook dating. Many people believe that all Fuckbook members are either single guys and girls looking for an NSA hookup, or a guy or girl seeking an NSA affair.

While those scenarios often prove to true, there is also a growing trend of couples looking to spice up their sex lives. And Fuckbook tends to be the perfect conduit to finding threesome partners, or side sex for each partner.

Open relationships mean that two people can have sex with other people without repercussions, pending they follow agreed upon rules. For some, an open relationship means that each partner has sex with other partners outside of the couple’s view. In other cases, it means bringing in a threesome partner. It can mean both, depending on the couple’s preferences.

Fuckbook is a perfect destination for open relationships because it provides access to partners looking for non-traditional sexual encounters. In other words, a hookup site makes it easier to locate fun guys and girls.

But there are a growing group of couples who are inspired by Fuckbook to begin an open relationship. That’s, in fact, why they join Fuckbook in the first place. With these couples, it’s possible that one partner began to stray using Fuckbook, and then instead decided to see if they could convert their traditional relationship into an open one. In other cases, two singles meet on Fuckbook and decide they’re really into one another, but want to keep that infusion of sexy singles coming into the home.

Whatever the reason, open relationships are an evolving breed and more and more, the Fuckbook network is accommodating their needs.

But being in an open relationship isn’t as easy as it may seem. There are complications and obstacles.

Let’s discuss how you can improve your odds at having a lively, long-term open relationship.

Open Relationships Are Challenging

I can’t stress this enough. An open relationship is a challenge to participate in.

Why do I say this?

Because many couples who embark on an open relationship have been burned by traditional relationships. Often, in the past, one partner was cheated on. Once someone sells themselves on an open relationship, they can feel that they’ve removed the only real pain point of a relationship. This causes a pink cloud of false being.

An open relationship is still a relationship. Just because each of you can hookup with whoever you want doesn’t mean that your relationship won’t require work.

Have you ever had a roommate?

I bet that first college roommate super annoyed you. And you most likely weren’t having sex with that person. The point being, all relationships can be difficult to navigate. That’s because human beings are complicated.

An open relationship certainly removes one pain point, no doubt. When you don’t have to worry about being cheated on, or agonize over wanting to have sex with the local waitress but can’t, you certainly untangle a lot of frustrations.

But there is more to any relationship than just who you can or can’t have sex with.

You’ll Need Boundaries

Most open relationships don’t function entirely laissez faire.

As an open relationship couple, you’re likely to agree upon rules and standards that serve as the pillar of the relationship. And this can create a new set of problems.

To begin, if you don’t agree upon rules, there are sure to arise issues. For example, what if you are seen making out with a local grocery store cashier and your girlfriend says you embarrassed her in front of local friends? What if you message someone she knows on Fuckbook?

There are also concerns over STDs. Maybe you both agree to use condoms for your extracurricular fun?

If you don’t agree on rules, your open relationship most likely falls apart due to miscommunications.

But even when you do establish rules, you now have “rules.” Just like in traditional relationships, rules get broken and couples break up. Eventually, you’ll get used to the excitement of having sex on the side and it won’t be enough. You’ll want to break a rule.

For example, some open relationships don’t allow their partner to hook up with the same person more than once. This rule helps discourage emotional relationships with hookups. But alas, when the sex is explosive, you’ll want to go back for more.

See how it works?

Avoid Emotional Connections From The Start

The destroyer of open relationships is none other than emotional connections.

Being that we are human, we tend to migrate towards a feeling of mutual interests and emotions. It’s how we evolve.

But if you want your open relationship to remain in good standing, you must avoid these emotional connections with hookups.

The only way to do this is to make it clear from the start that you are looking for side sex and nothing more. On Fuckbook, you can directly say this to potential hookups so as to avoid anyone getting a mixed idea.

If someone starts developing an emotional relationship with you, end the hookup stat. Because you just can’t turn back from that. Once they feel connected to you and don’t want to just fuck you, it will never be the same and your open relationship is immediately threatened.

Be clear. Be direct. And do both right from the beginning of your hookup.


Open relationships thrive on places such as Fuckbook. The ability to fuck new partners helps couples relieve themselves of at least on long-term relationship pain point. But open relationships aren’t a panacea for love. They have their problems like any relationship.