Does Fuckbook Work? 5 Fast Facts

does fuckbook work

It never fails. Whenever I’m at a dating convention, the same question gets asked of me over and over. Does Fuckbook work?

I am now weathered to the question. It used to irritate me. Like, why don’t these people read Fuckbook reviews? Clearly, there is something to this site if tons of people are finding sex.

But alas, I get it. The Internet is shade-level-10. So maybe asking does Fuckbook work is just nervous energy. That’s OK. Because after you read my response, you’ll need that energy.

Does Fuckbook work?

does fuckbook work

I understand the question at face value.

People are browsing about, members of common, traditional dating sites. Their experiences have throttled their expectations. They aren’t sure what’s up or down anymore. Mainstream dating sites have become saturated with fake profiles. Often, meeting someone on comes with more drama than when you meet someone in a bar. That’s because everyone’s putting on a show. The person they met on said-dating site’s vanity is a self-serving dose of fantasy. And that hurts the relationship right from the beginning.

You show up for a date yet the person in the profile picture doesn’t look the same.

They smoke, though they said they didn’t.

It’s a supreme mess. And a waste of time.

That’s why people always want to know, does Fuckbook work?

Could all the Internet hype about Fuckbook be true?

Is it really possible to cut all the red tape out of dating and find a hookup? Can you really avoid filling out tedious personality tests that everyone is lying on? Can you find out if someone just wants to have a good time and not worry about whether or not they like hiking?

No one really likes hiking, it just sounds like a super cool thing to say.

The Fuckbook hype could indeed, be real, if you first understand these 5 facts.

Fuckbook is more than fantasy

We all remember the days where we battled whether or not Santa was real. While today we understand that Santa is a concept of the imagination, when we did believe in him, our lives were better. We got presents. Things were simple. If we were good, he came to visit us.

But then, we stopped believing and things got super complicated.

Now we are adults and we wish we could go back to the days of Santa.

Fuckbook is sort of like that, only, it isn’t an invention of the mind; rather, a real experience that all too many folks deny exists because it “just can’t be.”

The empty Santa holes in our souls created an inner-nagging voice that beats us to death with negativity. Nothing can be “THAT GOOD.” So we’ve fallen into a bitter spiral or sorts. We’ve gotten used to lackluster mainstream dating results. We’ve accepted them as truths and “reality.” So now we see any amazing dating opportunity as make-believe.

But the fact is, most people enjoy a direct experience. They also don’t love spending an hour filling out some BS survey or personality test. Most people’s matches aren’t the same people a computer algorithm would have selected.

So the perceived fantasy isn’t so imaginative when you really think about it.

If you don’t believe Fuckbook works, it won’t. Because you’ll never sign up. You always be suffering from mainstream dating’idis.

Mainstream Dating sites don’t want you to Fuckbook

does fuckbook work 2

Mainstream sites don’t want you to know that Fuckbook works.

If you want to experience dating success, you need to meet lots of people. And you need sex. I’m sorry to say, but if you are just tooling around on a mainstream dating site collecting messages and getting blown off, you’re wasting your time.

The only way to find your perfect match is to meet up and hook up.

Variety is the spice of life. That’s what Fuckbook is all about. It’s why we don’t inundate our new members with personality tests. Our goal is to connect you with as many sexy singles as possible and allow the chips to fall where they may.

If someone doesn’t find you attractive and doesn’t want to have sex with you, they are a friend. Are you paying $90 a month to some lame dating site to build up your friend list?

I’d hope not.

Fuckbook creates interactions between singles who want to have fun. Not all singles will be a hookup match, but that’s OK, because some will. That’s all that matters. Do you think any mainstream dating site wants you to understand the glory of our hookup site?

Fuckbook has more real interactions than any other dating site

With Fuckbook, you find out if you and other members are hookup worthy in short order. There is no wasted time trying to figure out if someone likes the color blue, or doesn’t like sushi. No one cares.

Are you attracted to one another?

That’s the end game.

Would you consider fucking the other person? Would that person consider fucking you?

Such a basic, primal concept is decided in seconds in real life. It’s understood in just a few minutes online, so long as you are using Fuckbook.

This leads to way more real, in-person interactions.

Fuckbook reviews are everywhere (kind of)

Does Fuckbook work?

Ask reviews. The 1000s of reviews can’t be wrong, right?

Sure, not many people want to publically acknowledge they are a Fuckbook member.

We get that.

That leads to less reviews than any of us would like. But its understandable.

Unfortunately, just wanting to hookup with sexy singles is frowned upon by others (even though they are doing the same thing).

This leads to shock and awe when people are finally given access to Fuckbook search and member area. People can’t believe how many others are on the prowl for a hookup; most of them burned from prior mainstream dating sites.

Girls love Fuckbook

So often, guys think that Fuckbook has an issue attracting girls.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Believe it or not, girls are looking for a no BS experience also. And many girls are stuck in dead-end marriages but still want to play. Where else can they turn? With Fuckbook, they can use an anonymous profile and send encrypted messages. They experience hooking up in a risk-free platform.


Does Fuckbook work? I think I’ve answered that question in spades above. Are you ready to give the Fuckbook experience a chance?”