Your Official Guide to Dick Pics

We’ve said it over and over on Fuckbook – Don’t send dick pics, most chicks don’t actually want them. This is largely due to being overwhelmed by them. At some point, all your dicks look the same. And you just blend in. On an adult hookup site, you need to stand out.

That said, we can’t stop any of you. When some of you meet a girl, you immediately think that sending a dick pic will prompt her to get excited and maybe she will send you nudes.

Look, two adults exchanging nudes is pretty hot stuff. But read the room. However if you must send the dick pic, let’s go over some basics.

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How To Get Noticed on a Hookup Site

Often, adult dating or hookup site guides target the pursuer, more than the pursued. In other words, most hookup site advice columns aim to help the person that pursues profile opportunities. And this is for good reason. Most of the time, it’s difficult to meet a hookup while resting on your laurels. An active hookup site strategy, one where you write thoughtful messages to potential hookup opportunities, works better than just hanging back in wait.

But there is another side to the tale. How do you get noticed on a hookup site without the aspect of active messaging?

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Eating Pussy: What You’re Getting Wrong (and how to fix)

When it comes to oral sex, the weight of the situation usually falls upon the girl’s ability to give a blowjob. Let’s be honest, men and porn constantly judge women on their ability to suck dick.

So then why doesn’t it work the other way around? Why don’t women judge men on their ability to eat pussy? Well, the fact that you have to ask means you’re one of the men completely in the dark on eating pussy. Women do, in fact, judge men on their oral sex abilities. And often, this means a lot of men get the shaft without ever understanding the error of their ways.

This disconnect leads to a lot of ghosting. It’s all preventable, if you’re willing to read on and learn why eating pussy is the essential hookup influencer.

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This Valentine’s Day Screw The Pressure & Get Laid

It’s that time of year again. The time of year where big card manufacturers (AKA Hallmark) make a killing from the herd. No one really wants to buy a card, let’s face it. But people feel compelled to partake because there is risk in not buying a card and gift for that special girl.

Worse more, if you’re single and just perusing and using Fuckbook, you might feel like you’re missing out.

I’m here to tell you to fuck the Valentine’s day pressure.

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4 Easy Tips That Get You Laid on Fuckbook

Let’s face it, the only reason any of us are here is to get laid. Fuckbook isn’t a matchmaker site in the traditional sense. We want to connect sexually likeminded couples, not plant a seed for marriage. So it would make sense that we’d turn over every stone for more information on what improves our odds at getting laid.

So what things can you do to improve your odds at getting laid?

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FuckBook Meet and Greet Tips

On FuckBook, some girls may want to meet and greet prior to meeting and fucking you. This is a normal safety precaution. It doesn’t take a ton of time and hardly holds up the fun. It just ensures that both of you are on the same page, both physically and mentally. It also helps weed out any bad characters.

Some guys get overly nervous prior to a meet and greet, or don’t fully grasp the point.

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Fuck Book Dating Safety Tips You Should Know

We crave the Fuck Book experience. Let’s be honest, a no-strings-attached sexfest is one of life’s most cherished stress releases. And it’s great knowing that you shouldn’t need to deal with the drama that often taints mainstream dating experiences.

But that doesn’t mean everything in adult online dating is roses. There are dark sides to be aware of and most of this stems from safety issues.

If you follow good safety protocols, you should have no issues at all.

So what’s some good Fuck Book dating safety protocols?

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2021 Adult Dating: Fuck Book Continues To Change The Dating Landscape

It’s time to take out the garbage. No, not your actual garbage stinking up your kitchen (though for the love of God, get that out, will you?). I’m talking about the year 2020. The long, enduring, painful year filled with all kinds of relentless agony is ending.

With 2021 now upon us, what should we expect from Fuck Book and from adult online dating in general?

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