Fuckbook Dating: Why Casual Sex Is What You Need

Fuckbook dating

It’s a dating quandary. Should you go full-casual and skip the relationship pursuing shenanigans, or keep your FuckBook dating on the side?

Sides are good. Take Thanksgiving, for example. Who doesn’t love stuffing and mashed potatoes?

But sides can also distract from the primary goal, which is to eat meat. Or in your case, fuck sexy local single girls.

In modern dating, banging random hotties is more than a side dish; it’s the main course.

When you are in a relationship and using the FuckBook dating app on the side, you are constantly distracted. You’re stressed that she “may find out.” You may even feel morally challenged. Distractions can simmer the heat on those sexual conquests that you yearned for over the years.

When you place FuckBook dating casual sex as the main course, you can push it to your primary focus. And believe it or not, it can benefit your health.

Here’s FuckBook Dating’s Guide To Using Casual Dating As a Benefit


Relationships Consume You

At first, the relationship is great. You have consistent incoming sex. You aren’t burning cash at dive bars hoping to land some decent sex. You aren’t dealing with random crazies. Mom and dad seem to appreciate your newfound stability.

But then, the dark side.

When the honeymoon wears off, real-life BS takes hold.

She doesn’t love your apartment. Her dog poops on your carpet. The sex takes a downswing. But most of all, you begin wanting to fuck anything and everything that isn’t her. Girls you never thought you’d want to fuck suddenly seem appealing.

You are built to bang lots of girls. It’s your biology. You can’t change it.

The desire to bang the neighbor housewife, at times, overwhelms you. You become less present in the relationship.

Yes, what I’m saying is crass and harsh, no doubt, but it’s all true (and you know it).

Having ‘Meaningful Sex’ Is a Let-Down

Remember that honeymoon sex?

It was great.

But maybe some of that greatness was attributed to its freshness. It was still a little random. It wasn’t so predictable.

Some girls need sex to “mean something.” Most guys don’t want this. The FuckBook community connects sexy girls and guys who share the idea that meaningless sex is awesome.

If meaningful sex blows, should it really serve as your primary meal?

You Love Strange Sex

Your girlfriend is never going to be strange sex to you again. That ship has sailed. You can follow the advice of your sex therapist and role play, but your cock will understand it’s all a game of pretend.

Getting some strange is awesome. Most every guy loves it. When you are in a relationship, getting strange is harder to come by. Just covering your tracks alone expends energy.

When you break it off with the girl, you can go on a strange sex tour.

Random Sex Increases Serotonin

Believe it or not, there are no studies to back up my claim. Imagine that!

But I can assure you, the happiest guys on earth are the ones who have sex with multiple partners. That’s because random sex increases serotonin.

And you know what that means?

You’ll feel happier at work and you’ll get more done. You’ll sleep better at night. You will feel much less depressed. When you wake in the morning, you’ll be roaring to tackle your day.

Getting laid by multiple partners has that effect on men. It inspires them.

Sure, I have no science to prove it, but I do have anecdotal evidence. Men who use FuckBook dating write us letters telling us how much their lives have changed since adopting a diet of strange full-time sex.

How could this not make sense?

Less Nagging, More Fucking

Let’s be honest, relationships eventually turn into a drag. She will start nagging you for a ring, to pick up your underwear, to be kind to her friend, and other random crap.

When you go back to the FuckBook dating lifestyle full time, a weight is removed from your shoulders.

You no longer have to comply with the BS. You feel better about life.

Overall, you are healthier and more joyful.

That’s the FuckBook dating lifestyle.

Is it for you?